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Standing out in today’s competitive online business world is a huge endeavor. One not easily accomplished yet extremely important for long term success of specially start-up SMEs and entrepreneurships. Particularly now that commercialization of web has gained so much momentum, SeoRank1 can help you in this daunting task. With our team of IT and Web Development experts, we carefully analyze the business requirements for each individual business, prepare a well- researched strategy and execute a customer specific, beautiful and highly responsive website. We ensure well executed search engine optimization to create organic traffic through word placement, HTML script restructuring, content analysis and generation of qualitative links.

What is Web Development?

Web or website development refers to the creation of webpages / websites that can be hosted thru intra / internet services. Generally speaking, it includes the tasks of web interface design and development, content creation and layout, client / server scripting, network security configuration etc. Web development, however, predominantly involves programming or coding to generate the website’s functionality according to requirements. Web development coupled with Web Design leads to a complete webpage or web-based application. Web development is not only for e-commerce businesses like eBay or Amazon etc. but is a transformative communication tool to convey your message to a huge audience and to `interact with your customers. Business web development initiates a virtuous development loop for any company.

Web development activities can range from a large scale group of programmers working on principles of Agile Methodologies or single time employment of outside contracting party involving graphic designer and IT tech’s. In recent times, web development has come to be divided into three distinct specialties. Front-end Developers concerned with the visual design and layout of the website. Back-end Developers concerned with creating appropriate functionality of the website along with functions of data collection, storage, and analysis. While Full-stack developer refers to firms specializing in holistic web development starting from scratch and thus meeting complete customer specifications.

Constant upgradation and advent of latest technologies is helping web developers to realize more and more dynamic and better communication websites. Our Professional services specialize in creating fast and responsive websites that ease in data collection, sharing of information, maximizing the reach of company and generating organic traffic by achieving higher Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Website can now be also developed like applications / software’s that are not bound to any desktop and can be accessed thru internet from anywhere. Organization wide ERP and PLM software packages are such examples.

What are the steps involved in Web Development?

Although each new web development assignment brings with it a unique set of tasks and features, some steps of the web development process remain constant. Following a set ‘web development process’ can assist in dividing and categorizing tasks and resources into manageable deliverables and milestones both for the developer as well as the client.

  • Planning stage is the most important and crucial step in the process as it outlines all the requirements and contractual obligations. Some features are requirements analysis, project charter, site map, contracts (that define roles, copyright and financial points), gaining access to servers and building folder structures (FTP host, username, password; control panel log-in information; database configuration etc.), determining required software and resources (stock photography, fonts, etc.).
  • Design stage involves moving from generalities to specifics. It leads to an established site structure coupled with a visual representation of the final outcome. Some features are wireframe and design elements planning (client specified visual layout of the website begins to take shape), prototype web designs based on requirements analysis, review and approval with necessary amendments, and writing supportive codes.
  • Development involves main software programming and coding tasks that develops the actual functionality of the website leading to business benefit. The tasks involved in this stage are building the development framework, creating code templates for each page type, developing and testing special features and interactivity, content feeding and management, testing and verifying links and functionality.
  • Launch involves final tweaking of the website code and user interface prior to hosting the website on internet for public access. It involves careful planning and execution to avoid unexpected hurdles. Typically steps involved in the process are polishing, transferring to a live server, testing and a final cross-browser functionality check.
  • Post-Launch stage involves keeping the communication line open with the client to resolve any issues, modifications and amendments. It involves handing the project over to the client, providing all the required documentation and source files, finalizing any teaching material, closing the project and finalizing all related documentation.

How can we help?

We at SeoRank1 will assist you in creating the perfect website, with our deep and profound technical knowledge and hands on experience in web application, Multimedia content Development, Web Services (like REST, SOAP etc.), programming languages (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.) and all updated and latest security principles. We strictly believe in close and constant collaboration with our customers and stakeholders to generate a complete understating of your business requirement. Communication is one of our strongest traits.

A responsive website is, nowadays, a basic necessity to engage the target customer or audience. it helps in effectively communicating your business features, services and overall aesthetic quickly, and easily. SeoRank1 believes not simply in web development but in coding and translating your vision into a web-based reality. We provide expert software engineering as well as targeted consultancy services to help you improve your working ways and providing ever more value to the modern IT world. We provide an interactive, easy to navigate and an engaging online presence focusing on transforming visitors into customers. Owing to the requirements of today’s IT world and based on our expertise, SeoRank1 can optimize your website for multi device screen formats to provide seamless user experience. Compatibility is not only ensured for multiple browser types but also for ease of navigation on smartphones, tablets, and PC monitors.

SeoRank1 should be your choice to develop professional custom web development services utilizing latest, innovative, cutting edge IT solutions leading to a great user experience and a huge visually pleasing branding impact. We can provide you with powerful eCommerce solutions and mobile applications that facilitate usability, user friendliness, increased interaction, and robustness along with all requisite client specified functionalities. We are all about ensuring collaboration with our customers to deliver the best possible tailor ma

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