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Search Engine optimization refers to the tasks undertaken to increase Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings in order to increase the online traffic to the website. In todays’, intense IT environment it is extremely important to standout effectively and prominently amidst all the online businesses. A holistic ‘Digital Growth’ strategy is essentially required encompassing not only SEO optimization for your web presence but also boosting it with PPC, CRO, Social media and digital marketing, web development and other associated tools.

SEO optimization can help a stagnant business rise up, can reverse the declining traffic trends, can boost sales and revenue and can effectively assist in managing the online reputation of any organization. Search Results play a crucial role in this regard. SEO techniques aim to develop various algorithms and monitoring techniques to review the performance of your content, keywords and links etc. This helps redefine business plans and strategies to better target the market and to better get benefit from customer feedback and testimonials.

So, why do you need SEO?

A business or organizational website may have great, original, authentic and relevant content on its webpage with an interactive environment and infographic layout along with a considerable social media presence but it still might not be enough to target all the envisioned potential online market. System tweaking to best suit the search engine criteria’s (WebMaster Guidelines) is essentially required to stand out from today’s contemporary competition. SEO employs multiple techniques that not only enable you to generate better web presence but also helps you achieve higher rankings in the search engine involving strategic word placement, HTML script restructuring, content analysis and generation of quality links.

How SEO works?     

A complete SEO strategy should cover all aspects of improving and optimizing your online presence. It should cover programming based technical optimization, along with effective content management. In addition to word placement, HTML script restructuring, content analysis and other promotional activities the most important SEO activity is generation of links. Links are generated by promoting the site to attract other webpages towards your page, by generating internal links to increase the quantity of inbound links for an important page thru cross linking, using prominent keywords, regularly updating page content to attract ‘crawlers’ and by maintaining an updated meta data. Among other factors, the quantity and quality of these links are an important factor considered during ‘PageRank(ing)’ by search engine’s algorithms. No doubt the quality and relevance of content, structure of headings, webpage layout, keyword selection, word structuring all play an important part in attracting and retaining visitors, however web ‘crawlers’ and ‘spiders’ during their webpage analysis critically evaluate these links to accordingly establish the ranking of a webpage search engines indexing system.

How can we help?

SeoRank1 is all about creating the perfect business solutions for your online presence. To achieve this goal, we emphasis and pursue a two-way communication approach to really understand your business, its needs and requirements and most importantly your vision of what your business needs to be. An extensive audit can help us in this regard. With ever-developing algorithms of all the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) that focus on increasing usability, relevance and ease of accessibility, technical SEO is extremely important to ensure your website stays at top of SERP by having all the latest tools. A solid digital framework foundation along with provisions to demonstrate value to search engine is to be ensured during web-development. Not only will this help a website in increased SERP but will also facilitate in avoiding google penalties and blacklisting.

Content management and restructuring is another important feature of optimizing your web presence. It ensures that all the online data (content) you have displayed is line with your business’s strategy and long term vision. Relevant, dynamic, interactive and targeted content is one of the ideal way to generate online organic traffic. Content type, length positioning and overall tone are important indicators. During SEO optimization, content management (use of the right words, keywords, related words, phrases and proof terms) plays a crucial role in redefining your online image particularly in relation to your competitors and customers.

Back-linking and internal linking is another of the important techniques of SEO. Strong, original and qualitative backlinks can increase SERP ranking and vice versa. Backlinks are extremely important factors contributing towards your overall ranking. It is extremely important, therefore, to understand and study them. A backlink analysis can help identify and remove weak, malicious and poor performing back links, ensure that latest prevalent techniques and guidelines have been followed in creating the backlinks and can also ensure the overall strategy employed while creating backlinks is in line with the overall business strategy. An insightful backlink analysis is therefore crucial to generating organic search traffic and thus ensuring the right content based marketing strategy.

How will we ensure SEO for you?

It is not enough to just build visually pleasing interactive and a well-functioning website. Such a website may be great for user experience however it might not be optimum with respect to search engine results. So, if it cannot achieve high enough SERP, all the web design and development efforts will go in vain. Search engine algorithms are complex and constantly evolving to evaluate in real time a dynamic list of hundreds of factors. Search Engine Optimization can help redesign the technical structure of the website to ensure latest techniques are being followed to achieve higher SERP rankings.

Our extremely technical and well experienced team has immense experience in working for diverse organizations and platforms to provide them with perfectly optimized web solutions. Our team of dedicated experts with their knowledge, analysis and constant theoretic upgradation is ideally suited to provide you with unique and ideal solutions in a bottom-up approach and ensure a personal touch for each project. Some of the features that we will provide you are crawl analysis / errors / deficiencies, mobile / image optimization, duplicate content identification, HTML / XML sitemaps, page speed, external elements, indexing status, URL structuring, frame utilization and domain related issues.

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